Fireplace Mantels

There is no question that a fireplace means warmth and coziness, calmness and relaxing ambience of our home. Sitting near a fireplace we forget about worries and problems, gather our family together, discuss news with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, at peace with the other world… It stands to reason that the fireplace should be an embellishment of the house. The tradition of hand crafted fireplace mantels came to us from eighteenth century England in combination of colors and wood species.

Wooden Cuff Bracelets

Wood , what could be more natural and ecologically smart. At Ugol Woodworks we developed an innovating new way of using wood veneers to create cuff bracelets. Five ultra-thin layers of wood are simultaneously bent and bonded to create a bracelet that is light and comfortable to wear while also wonderfully durable. After shaping, each bracelet is sanded smooth, treated with varnish and wax finish and hand buffed to a warm satin finish. The infinite variety of natural wood grain patterns makes each bracelet truly unique.